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About Us

Naclansa Beauty & Co is a handmade brand that was created from a dream of doing and living better. Our brand is meant to be fun and relatable. We hope you enjoy!

Shipping information

At the moment, all of our products are handmade and shipped from Jacksonville, Florida.

For now and the foreseeable future, our shipping are free of cost, unless you would like an expedited shipment.

At the moment we offer worldwide shipping to any country that accepts packages from the US.

All domestic orders when shipped can take 5-8 business days (Not including processing times)International orders when shipped can take 14-28 business days to be delivered (not including processing times)

For on-hand items (items ready to ship) there is a 2 business days processing time.Any item not already made will take 7 business days to be processed.All pre-ordered items have a 3 weeks processing time.

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